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Fertilizer of face of blade of organic Fu Xi was born

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The health care of nutrition of the 3rd big drop after selenium element already was decided to be afterwards iodine, zinc by World Health Organization and China cure society element, have in human body fight oxidation, precaution poison of canceration, platoon, raise immune force to wait for many sided function, the respect waits to have distinct effect in infection of disease of blood-vessel of head of precautionary tumour, heart, diabetic, the upper respiratory tract. In addition selenium element or the antidote that a lot of heavy metal are like lead, mercuric, arsenic and nitrite, the beauty of ” of natural antidote of the king ” that enjoys “ to fight cancer and “ praise. And the area that at present our country has 70% is short of selenium, among them 1/3 above area is short of selenium badly. Scientists appeal: Compatriots filling Selenium no time to delay! The emerge as the times require of product of selenium fat series that Changsha Long Xinghua is versed in newest research and development produces limited company, after showing via comparative experiment use Selenium is fat, not only can make produce increase production 20% above, and rich Selenium produce compares common produce price in the market tall 30% above. Our mission is: Let all user friends that use my company product become rich, the people that lets food of all edible rich Selenium is healthy. Main product brief introduction: Face of blade of organic Fu Xi is fat: This product is to use what biology chela makes legally to contain the biology preparation of a variety of nutrition elements such as selenium, amino acid, zinc, boron, translate into of will inorganic Selenium organic Selenium, make crop easier absorb, have the disease-resistant, increase production, filling Selenium, effect that improves crop quality. Scope of application: Paddy, tea, vegetable, fruit (be like: Grape, carry child, litchi, longan, watermelon, apple, pear) etc. Product standards: 200 grams / bottle (liquid) .

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