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Humic acerbity ammonium reachs a variety of elements to include garment coating

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Manage via me brainpower studies repeatedly trial-produce, right humic acid is not agglutinant material sophisticate this the new technology that a variety of elements give urea Bao Yi coating, gained success of all-time and advanced sex, we are new technical characteristic is: 1, craft is simple, smash except partial raw material (if sell finished product raw material completely uniform do not smash) , want a machine to divide only second into makings, ten minutes can give finished product bagging; 2, equipment seldom requires 1-2 stage only main facility, day produces 50 tons of above, need power ten tile, equipment total prices is worth 15 thousand yuan inside. If sell finished product fines, require an equipment only, value 10 thousand yuan inside, if need to increase a product to want to stand side by side only a few similar device can twice increases yield; 3, the product contains a variety of nutrient, nitrogen, phosphor, Potassium and in microelement and organic qualitative, but optional recipe, very get used to production special fertilizer; 4, devoid environment pollution, manufacturing process does not have dust separate out, after the product avoids stoving to shape, install immediately bag; 5, manufacturing workshop is covered an area of little, every cover equipment to cover an area of 50 square to control (storage except) , facilitating production manufacturer creates chain fertilization station, station matching fertilizer in much position point of sales; 6, product grain is even, the exterior is pliable and beautiful, product of successful now recipe: ” of bead of gold of A, “ is multivariate and compound urea; ” of Hei Zhenzhu of B, “ is efficient and compound urea (the incoming telegram can give sample) , if intended co-worker invites electric connection.
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