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Custom duty of chemical fertilizer export is carried to 150% years inside alread

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To stablize produce price, governmental orgnaization is again urgent Shi Xince. Committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council issued an announcement on August 30, from now (on September 1) case, will move to 150% on nitrogenous fertilizer and the special exit tariff that compound ammonia, carry out up to now year on December 31.

Inside year already adjusted 4 times

According to announcement requirement, came on October 1, 2008 on December 31, continue to impose custom duty of 100% special export to removing nitrogenous fertilizer and the other chemical fertilizer outside synthesizing ammonia and chemical fertilizer raw material. Nevertheless this adjusts extent to anticipate under the market, there is the personage inside course of study to think nitrogenous fertilizer exports duty tax rate to may rise before this to 175%-185% . Still come since now at the same time on December 31, collect 460 yuan to dividing the animal outside birds' droppings or plant fertilizer / ton export provisional custom duty.

This is this year the 4th go up tone chemical fertilizer kind the product is special export custom duty, in order to make sure product of more chemical fertilizer is used at domestic agriculture production.

Before this came to used fat peak period on September 30 on April 20 inside, it is to raw material of chemical fertilizer of all chemical fertilizer and part on foundation of existing exit tax rate, add impose the special export custom duty of 100% , be called amplitude modulation goes up the biggest before this. Add after imposing special export custom duty, tax rate of chemical fertilizer exit will is 100% to 135% differ.

The exit of 30% is collected before to partial chemical fertilizer since April 1 provisional custom duty. Be in earlier in Feburary, announce provisional to breed of partial chemical fertilizer tax rate rises highest 35% .

Expert proposal is off-season unlock exit

The export that adjusts export custom duty to still cannot restrain chemical fertilizer one after another increases. Suffer the effect that international the sources of energy and commissariat price rise considerably, begin from last year, price of international chemical fertilizer rises ceaselessly. Same chemical fertilizer breed, difference of domestic and international price can turn over times, because this increases the pressure of price of domestic chemical fertilizer not just, and also urge a company bigger to exporting enthusiasm.

Beneficial of Wang Yan of vice director of department of news of association of industry of Chinese nitrogenous fertilizer is opposite before this our newspaper expresses, export increases to still explain ceaselessly profitable, go up continuously v mouth custom duty is to limit export apparently, assure the need of domestic agriculture.

Industry has an analysis to express yesterday, because the government executes price fixing to the product,current chemical fertilizer produces a business, raw material rises in price, pressure is greater also, the government should collect high specified number to export custom duty when the busy season that use fertilizer, ensure inside need, off-season when reduce custom duty to encourage export, alleviate cost pressure.
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