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Delay accuses commentate fertilizer relative standard intensifies making

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Get attention fully " delay accuses commentate fertilizer " the first draft of national level already was drafted at present end, concerned branch is undertaking collecting careful with respect to relevant technology content and term. Brigadier of next this state label are entered seek opinion order, chase class to appear in the newspaper next examine and approve. After classics country Committee on Standard is authorized, this standard hopeful 2010 around is released formally carry out. As we have learned, this mark brigadier accuses to delay commentate fertilizer undertakes making clear limitting, accuse according to delay commentate the workmanship of fertilizer and delay accuse commentate of mechanism different, accuse delay commentate fertilizer cent is a certain number of breed, make respectively detect method and judge basis. 

Another delay accuses commentate —— of fertilizer occupation standard " contain depressor stability fertilizer " application of the project approving that draft already obtained national hair to change appoint approval, this mark brigadier is supervised by quality of national chemical fertilizer examine center (Shanghai) finish jointly with institute of project of zoology of application of Shenyang of Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present the drafting job of this standard goes well, will form August ask for opinion draft, strive official October final version, report national hair changes appoint examine and approve, hopeful is carried out at be being released first quarter next year. 

On July 1, by Han Feng slow-release fertilizer limited company and quality of national chemical fertilizer are supervised examine center (Shanghai) the domestic delay that drafts jointly accuses commentate fertilizer occupation standard " urea of sulfur Bao Yi " (HG/T 3997—2008) carry out formally, this indicates delay controls an our country commentate of fertilizer standard system build spanned ahead again one stride. 

The delay that already was promulgated now or is about to promulgate accuses commentate fertilizer occupation standard and national level, collective composition our country delay accuses commentate fertilizer standard system. The delay of our country accuses commentate fertilizer industry hopeful ends cannot can depend on, market disorder, competition does not have the situation with foreword, slow progress.

The language after making up: Be defined to be “21 century fertilizer to develop one of way the delay of ” commentate / accuse commentate fertilizer develops in our country in recent years rapid. The formulate from occupation standard, carry out national level draft, the attention that indicates fertilizer already got this one environmental protection concern a section and give aid to. To be helpful for this country, be helpful for “ 3 farming the ” , delay that is helpful for environmental protection commentate / accuse commentate technology and product recommend government, enterprise, agency and farmer, the “ that undertakes by this print delay of the 2nd international commentate / accuse commentate fat technology and industrial forum ” in June 28—30 day is in Shandong Linyi to be held successfully. On the meeting, experts undertook discussion to the formulate of GB. Delectable is, discussion major proposal already was brought into of this GB in drafting. It is reported, according to home of this conference technical secondary school the proposal is arranged and become inside the height that joins the Vice Prime Minister of the State Council that already got is in charge of agriculture to answer fine jade takes seriously, already got concerned sectional written instructions. We have reason to believe, the attention in the country and give aid to below, below the effort of entire industry, delay commentate / accuse commentate fertilizer will “ walks along better ” more!
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