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Heibei earth fertilizer stands: Apply the effect to investigate mobile announcem

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Each set fertilizer of area city land to stand:
According to requirement of Ministry of Agriculture, show an organization to begin winter wheat area to measure earthy recipe fertilization to apply the effect to investigate an activity. Specific requirement informs as follows:
One, investigate an object
2005, mixed 2006 the country measured county of project of earthy recipe fertilization 2007.
2, investigate time
In June the first ten days of a month - June the middle ten days of a month.
3, investigate content
(one) job of fertilization of the recipe that measure land develops a case. Include system of design of test of field investigation, sampling, field experiment, recipe, quota to build, the enterprise is participated in, demonstrative promotion, conduct propaganda grooms, the working circumstance such as evaluation of soil fertility of database construction, farmland.
(2) winter wheat measures situation of earthy recipe fertilization. Include to measure technology of earthy recipe fertilization to popularize area of fertilizer of recipe of area, employ and amount to wait.
(3) fertilization of the recipe that measure land applies the result. Include to promote a farmer circumstance of change of structure of fertilization of fertilization idea change, crop, and crop increase production is added close, produce quality improvement, ease face source pollution and condition of abridged edition synergism.
(4) experience mode and typical example. Include to be in the typical experience that guides an enterprise to participate in fertilization of the recipe that measure land and exploration to popularize the field such as mode effectively and practice, the report that wheaten increase production, farmer adds the typical case that accept and farmer to fertilize to measuring earthy recipe, achievement of type of personnel of basic level technology.
Each district wants to take seriously highly, elaborate organization, on the foundation that surveys knowledge in thorough basic level, fill in for the unit with project county winter wheat area measures earthy recipe fertilization to use effect questionnaire (accessory 1) , it is unit collect with city each project county (include enlarge authority county) winter wheat area measures earthy recipe fertilization to apply the result, fill in summary table (accessory 2) , draft the findings report that finish. Exchange is checked and should report data to undertake checking seriously particularly, ensure its are true and reliable.
Each city sends me station fertilizer division at questionnaire, summary table reaching findings report to declare before June 15 please. In the meantime, send email through E-mail.
Contact: Li Xu light, Liu Shuqiao
Connect a telephone call: 0311-85889030
The email: or
Fertilizer of Heibei province earth stands
Two years on May 27

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