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Fertilization of the recipe that measure land should unite technical standard

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The Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of grooming provincial technology backbone, provincial and responsible groom personnel of prefectural class technology, prefectural class is in charge of grooming farmer, fertilization of the recipe that measure land still should fall finally in farmer hand. Advanced before long on the press conference of the Ministry of Agriculture, concerned personnel expresses: Fertilization of the recipe that measure land is professional, technical strong fundamental sex works, in level of culture of science of our country farmer the circumstance of general on the low side falls, want to implement this technology to the innumberable families, need passes a variety of media such as broadcasting television, newspapers and periodicals, network, take the form of love to see and hear of broad farmer masses, begin conduct propaganda extensively to groom, raise their scientific fertilization consciousness. Increase experiment demonstrative strength even at the same time, use demonstrative cropland, comparative cropland, spot to be able to wait for means, make a farmer cogent feel the effect that fertilizes to the recipe that measure land.
According to the requirement, built project county 2008, fertilization of the recipe that measure land popularizes an area to must achieve 300 thousand mus of above; Add built project county to must achieve 600 thousand mus 2007; Add built project county to cover whole area 2006; And consolidated the county wants to freely for place kind of grain farmer offers the recipe that measure land to fertilize 2005 direct service, plant for 500 grain large family begins personalized service.
Measure what earthy recipe fertilizes to cover a range this year wider, the task is heavier, according to uniform technical standard only strict requirement ability makes a project true in applying actually produce effect.

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