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Fertilization of the recipe that measure land should unite technical standard

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Include 1.15 billion yuan of this year, project of fertilization of the recipe that measure land already accumulative total obtains national finance 2.75 billion yuan capital is devoted. This is agrotechnical to for very infrequent, of course, in light of benefit of the economic benefits that comes from solid inflict, zoology, society benefit, of the return rate of the project tall also be scarce.
Money wants national financial to produce effect truly, bring profit to common people, there must be rigid standard on project technology management, fertilize to measuring earthy recipe especially the project with higher demands of such a technology.
The Ministry of Agriculture was made from 2005 " standard of technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land " . Expand as pilot limits ceaselessly, the standard also is editing ceaselessly in the center, the beginning of the year allotted castigatory the 2nd times this year " standard of technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land " . No matter the requirement is a group of li of expert of fertilization of the recipe that measure land, province the county invites an expert, still save technology of prefectural soil fertilizer to extend a branch, want an organization to begin job of fertilization of the recipe that measure land, organization to implement project of allowance of fertilization of the recipe that measure land only, should be engaged in a technology grooming according to uniform technical standard, promotion application and detect investigation works.
Measure earthy recipe fertilization to ask to carry out crop to be expanded to the crop such as rape, cotton, vegetable by grain crop this year, in new castigatory " technical standard " in emphasize did to this revise perfect, advocate if increased the economic crop fertilizer efficiency such as vegetable, fruiter,field experiment method and technology ask to wait for content, made clear sample of field experiment plant to collect technical requirement; Increased sample of soil of vegetable plot, orchard to collect sample of plant of method and cotton, cole to collect a means, perfected edaphic sample sampling to choose program method; The edaphic nutrient index that made clear fertilization of the recipe that measure land and evaluation of farmland soil fertility to need a test respectively.
The reporter has seen in county of a lot of projects in paper bag, shipshape code is putting on 1000 ground test piece, also had visited a lot of laboratories that have atom to absorb appearance, electron to analyse the testing instrument of of all kinds soil such as balance, but what can these represent, truly important is, does the collection of these ground test piece accord with technical standard really? Does laboratory test of ground test piece have according to normative program really? In April 23~24 day, the item of technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land that organization of service center of countrywide agrotechnical promotion holds grooms on the class, personnel undertook grooming related fertilization of many 90 to coming from the whole nation recipe that measure land, besides new castigatory " technical standard " , groom the problem that the class is aimed at county of a few projects to exist on technical level, include target job demonstrative site of ambiguous, test slants insufficient detail waits budget of inadequacy of amount of sampling of little, soil, capital a moment, also became an explanation further. Li Tieshen of vice director of center of countrywide farming ability tells a reporter, center of countrywide farming ability still will organize a series of technologies to groom henceforth, be aimed at the technical issue of link of key of fertilization of the recipe that measure land, undertake centralized grooming to provincial technology backbone.
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