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Price of chemical fertilizer of 4 measure control rises Shaanxi too quickly

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The price such as 2 ammonium compares urea, phosphoric acid circumjacent low 200~400 yuan / ton

Suffer international market price to rise substantially, domestic demand increases, manufacturing cost rises wait for element influence, price of near future chemical fertilizer appears relatively rise substantially. But branch of officer of Shaanxi province price takes effective measures, maintained price of variety of main chemical fertilizer to be stabilized basically. Compare with circumjacent province photograph, shaanxi urea, phosphoric acid the low 200~400 of price of main breed chemical fertilizer such as 2 ammonium yuan (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) , low 100~200 of price of the others variety yuan.

Leader of government of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, province takes chemical fertilizer seriously to rise in price highly problem, listen to concerned report for many times, and to sit a meeting undertakes deploy. According to provincial Party committee, province the government leads a directive, bureau of Shaanxi province prices is active wait for concerned branch jointly with total company of supply and marketing of province finance hall, province, took a series of policy step, maintained the market price of variety of main chemical fertilizer is stabilized basically, chemical fertilizer production is smooth, it is normal that the market is supplied. Save commissariat in Shaanxi at present advocate area of producing area the central Shaanxi plain, urea retail prices is 1840 yuan, with go up year of the corresponding period is primary keep balance; Carbolic ammonium retail prices 600 yuan, rise compared to the same period 5% ; Phosphoric acid 2 ammonium retail prices 3840 yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period rise 26.6% ; Composite fat retail prices 2830 yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period rise 48% .

The main policy step that Shaanxi province takes is:

It is allowance of solid administration seat of government. During spring ploughing, fund of section of one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of price of Shaanxi province finance, provincial coal takes out 20 million yuan to mix 27 million yuan respectively, give aid to breed of main and high grade chemical fertilizer is produced. In all allowance 2 ammonium produce 205 thousand tons of urea, phosphoric acid, average allowance 230 yuan, stablized fertilizer market value effectively.

2 it is stable producer price, control retail prices. During spring ploughing, leave factory urea price of directive upper limit falls by 1725 yuan reach 1650 yuan, phosphoric acid 2 ammonium leave factory upper limit price is 3600 yuan surely. Execute cost profit margin to control to the breed of other chemical fertilizer such as compound fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, bicarbonate ammonium, stipulate profit margin must not exceed 5% . Strengthen chemical fertilizer trade price, retail price management, requirement distribute enterprise divides carry incidental expenses beyond, accumulative total of whole and current link adds valence rate to must not exceed 7% . Among them, the control of the rate that increase price from the replenish onr's stock outside produce a business or be being saved is in 3% less than, other state adds valence to lead control to be in 4% less than.
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