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Farming do farming [2008]94 date

Sheet of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan lists city agriculture (farming herd, aricultural, farming cultivate) hall (appoint, bureau) , xinjiang production builds corps agriculture bureau:

In last few years, each district develops the recipe that measure land in the organization in fertilization job process, through field investigation, soil analysis, field experiment obtained mass data, these data are to constitute fertilizer recipe and the important basis that begin evaluation of farmland soil fertility. To ensure data is collected, input, analysis, collect and application are unified and normative, print and distribute of my department staff " standard of technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land " , " dictionary of data of management information system of resource of prefectural region farmland " , developed software of system of pool of data of fertilization of the recipe that measure land. From each district executive circumstance looks, still existing to work to take seriously not quite to data management, data gathers an input technical operation is non-standard, data dictionary is diseased wait for a problem. Measure data of earthy recipe fertilization for farther standard, accelerate collect software to popularize application, inform as follows with respect to concerned matters concerned now:

One, strengthen constituent leader, clear responsibility divides the work

Various agriculture department should strengthen the leadership that supervises the work to measuring data of earthy recipe fertilization, the organization coordinates data of fertilization of the recipe that measure land to collect, input, analysis, collect and applied job. Unit of guidance of project of allowance of fertilization of the recipe that measure land and assume an unit to be in charge of, main technique chief wants to be caught personally, make clear manager of a data, technical responsible data supervises the work. Provincial data manager must be familiar with data to collect, the examine and verify, technology essentials that type and handles, master data collect software to use knowledge and operation method, county of specific and directive project begins relevant work. Provincial soil fertilizer popularizes a branch to want to organize an expert as soon as possible, classify a standard according to national soil, to soil of province, county classification undertakes the system is combed, form country, province, county the edaphic classification that 3 stage appearance joins contrasts watch, to measure earthy recipe fertilization database construction lays a foundation. Project county wants a basis " standard of technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land " , edaphic classification contrasts the collection that the watch does good data, examine and verify and type the job.

2, strengthen a technology to groom, aggrandizement guidance serves
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