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The Algerian builds large fertilizer plant

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Five heart company announced to contract to do a job on September 8, 2008 1 billion euro of Algerian Sorfert company (1.47 billion dollar) chemical fertilizer builds a contract, large chemical fertilizer will be built to combine unit in Algerian Arzew. Sorfert company is the joint ventures that company of industry of Egypt Orascom construction and Algerian Sonatrach company hold a 51/49 each, this company is investing about 2 billion dollar to build associated plant, this combination device will design productivity to be 2200 tons each by 2 / the synthetic ammonia plant of the day and ability are 3450 tons / year urea plant composition. This combination device also includes keep in storage and the support features that ship inside. The contract that Sonatrach company already signed by a definite date 20 years, will supply natural gas raw material to Sorfert company.

The contract that five heart company contracts to do a job involves a technology to make over, project and supply a service. Wood will offer its proprietary to synthesize ammoniac technology, stamicarbon company will transfer its urea engineering technology. Company of technology of five heart chemical fertilizer will offer its urea to make bead process technology. One of synthetic ammonia plant will provide raw material for urea plant. Sorfert company will have about 750 thousand tons / the synthetic ammonia that passes remnant sells past export market. This combination device will build go into operation 2011.

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