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Trend of the city after market of international phosphate fertilizer is fatigued

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Whole in September, market of international phosphate fertilizer still does not have what improvement, india remains the “ window ” of whole market, but apparently, of India purchase an amount to be able to 't support whole international market, the price glides to also be in reason. From September the 1100 dollars of the first ten days of a month / ton (Fob) to September the 1050 dollars of the middle ten days of a month / ton (Fob) arrive again in September of the last ten-day of a month drop split 1000 dollars / ton (Fob) , 2 ammonium are in phosphoric acid demand not flourishing, demand is driven delicately below, ” of successive “ diving. Of the price glide, plus marine cost drop, the Indian C.I.F of 2 ammonium also achieved phosphoric acid of the last ten-day of a month in September a near future is new low, namely 1060 dollars / ton. Of demand not of flourishing, price glide, cause the market wait-and-see mood is grumous, trade backwater was brought about again new round price glides, market of international phosphate fertilizer was immersed in the odd group ” of vicious circle of a “ it seems that.

[hind city is analysed] to phosphate fertilizer market it is more difficult still to forecast, before paragraph orgnaization of a lot of analysises casts time in succession 8, phosphate fertilizer market will turned in September, but from eye antecedent condition looks, phosphate fertilizer market did not turn good not only, and in September the last ten-day of a month drops split 1000 dollars / ton (Fob) . The main reason that causes phosphate fertilizer market to forecast hard has: (1) of sulfureous price glide suddenly. What sulfureous skyrocket drove phosphate fertilizer price since last year is fast rise, the near future is sulfureous of the price drop considerably, drive phosphate fertilizer price to drop necessarily, although sulfureous hind city still be expected to fall, but drop a how old, influence to phosphate fertilizer market have how old, be worth us to pay close attention to closely. (2) international market demand not flourishing. Demand not flourishing, supply remain amply relatively cause the mainest reason with fatigued and weak market, beg for be more than drive the price to glide necessarily, but four quarters demand can rise somewhat, affect how the market again very not Anacreontic. (3) the influence of Chinese element. Like urea market, in demand not below the posture of flourishing, the influence of Chinese element was not shown, but the growth as demand, the block that China supplies is broken can bring what influence to market of international phosphate fertilizer after all, be worth to we observe and think.

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