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The United States suffers hurricane to affect nitrogenous fertilizer crop to dec

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American part area suffers hurricane to affect, company of nitrogenous fertilizer production will reduce yield accordingly 100 thousand tons or so.
Forecast according to center of American country typhoon, ike storm center has added Er power Si Duiwan to be stood by to factory of Agrifos phosphate fertilizer from the Texas. Hurricane harm affects the United States western the fertilizer plant near area and Louisiana city, affected the production of local nitrogenous fertilizer. Fill the report of the company according to American Terra, CF and beauty, the gross of nitrogenous fertilizer loss that hurricane brings is in about eighty-two thousand nine hundred ~11.6 10 thousand tons (amount to becomes ammoniac) . According to Louisiana city nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer manufacturing business says, place will restore electric power and natural gas very quickly to supply, they can resume production immediately.

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