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Exit of Shandong province chemical fertilizer is added fast put delay

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Since this year, the country increased the adjusting control strength that utters to chemical fertilizer, respectively in January, mixed in Feburary raised chemical fertilizer 3 times to export custom duty in April, partial product exports custom duty accumulative total to be as high as 135% . Nevertheless, because get growth of international market demand, domestic and international price has differred big impact, 1-5 month Shandong saved chemical fertilizer exit to still appear to grow more quickly completely, accumulative total exports 490 million dollar, grow 425.5% compared to the same period. On April 20 nevertheless the country is opposite below the phosphate fertilizer influence that imposes 100% export custom duty, shandong saves chemical fertilizer exit to add fast slow down, grew 216.5% that month in May, relatively amplitude of before 4 months decreases 337.3% ; Predicting second half of the year saves chemical fertilizer exit to add completely fast will farther rein in, the effect of macroscopical adjusting control meets the country more apparent.

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