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Urea export custom duty is moved to 185% on the likelihood

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The enterprise expects the long-cherished wish of urea of exit of low custom duty after September 30 will come to nothing possibly again, came out about the respect recently message: Came to will impose the custom duty of 185% on September 30 on August 20 from this year, impose the custom duty of 175% to the end of 2008 from October 1, this gives undoubtedly produced can superfluous domestic urea industry to sprinkle a cold water.

This is the country adjusts export custom duty the 3rd times to urea product this year. This year in Feburary, the country announces to wait for breed of partial chemical fertilizer to urea provisional tax rate, rise highest 35% ; Come to used fat peak period on September 30 from April 20 inside, it is to raw material of chemical fertilizer of all chemical fertilizer and part on foundation of existing exit tax rate, add impose the special export custom duty of 100% , urea custom duty already was amounted to 135% .

Even if carries valence twice to restrict chemical fertilizer hard still to export growth, urea speaks a volume and do not have fall after a rise, rise considerably instead. This year 1-6 month, domestic accumulative total exports urea 3775754 tons, than last year the corresponding period increased 2.53 million tons 1243150 tons, expect letting a person not as good as.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, because home is produced relatively can superfluous, before before long, national hair changes appoint ever considered the fourth quarter to reduce urea to export custom duty, but as a result of price of urea of near future international still swift and violent violent wind rises, already exceeded 800 dollars for the most part / ton. Below drive of this kind of price, even if impose the export custom duty of 135% , urea FOB of home will achieve 2300 yuan / ton, with domestic company actual factory price is close to, so at present 1725 yuan / ton highest price fixing cannot stop export.

Recently, hair change appoint offer application to the State Council, the plan exports the fourth quarter custom duty to go up again move 50 percent to 185% , be equivalent to be in initiative the special tariff of 150% raises on the foundation of 35% , hold date of departure is came on August 20 on September 30. The personage inside course of study thinks, although be added before this,impose the special custom duty of 100% , but block urea hard still first half of the year to export, bring about domestic urea to flush in great quantities.

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