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High specified number exports custom duty to offer chance to run fertilizer plan

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The Ministry of finance announced on April 17, via approval of the State Council, committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council makes a decision, came on April 20, 2008 home used fat peak period on September 30 inside, all chemical fertilizer that export to all commerce form, area, enterprise and raw material of partial chemical fertilizer are on foundation of existing exit tax rate, add impose the special export custom duty of 100% . Add this after imposing special export custom duty, tax rate of exit of our country chemical fertilizer will rise for 100% to 135% differ.
After this policy comes on stage, a lot of chemical fertilizer personages feel very pessimistic, think to export a gate to was blocked up to go up thoroughly, the day of fertilizer company is sad. However the author saw a new opportunity from inside this policy however, this runs fertilizer plant namely directly abroad.

In recent years, because be risen in price by international the sources of energy, cost of chemical fertilizer production is added considerably try to reach international grain price to rise, demand plays the double influence that use, price of international chemical fertilizer rises considerably, our country chemical fertilizer exports a quantity to also increase considerably subsequently, urea of before this year two months exports 1.71 million tons, increase compared to the same period 250% , phosphoric acid 2 ammonium export one ammonium, phosphoric acid to mix 315 thousand tons 259 thousand tons respectively, grow respectively compared to the same period 280% with 130% . The country is exported from supply of safeguard home chemical fertilizer and control the sources of energy (because chemical fertilizer is to plant high-energy can product) angle sets out, to chemical fertilizer exit took rigid limitative step, adding the move that collects 100% special custom duty this is to write down heavy fist more. If say chemical fertilizer exit still left a “ to seam ” before, now is seam this “ ” also gives went up, the meaning is very clear, do not allow chemical fertilizer export when busy season. To this, fertilizer company should set out from national whole interest, give sufficient understanding.

But on the other hand, we also want to see: Through in last few years be exported energetically and the market is developed, the position on international fertilizer market is in our country chemical fertilizer to rise quickly, have extensive market base and powerful competition ability, have good famous spend and consequence, if because home is strict,be restricted merely,be exported and desertion the international market for nothing honest regrettablly. Here the circumstance falls, better choice goes abroad running a plant directly namely, natural resources of ore of Potassium of the natural gas that uses abroad to abound directly, coal, phosphor has production, use abroad's huge market natural resources to undertake selling directly again next, earn manufacturing segment and sale segment profit from which, this is used up to reducing the sources of energy of our country, effectively occupational international market, and getting bigger economic benefits is a first-rate job. In the meantime, this kind of method also is very feasible. Our country is the country of the biggest chemical fertilizer production on the world, also be the country with phyletic and maximum production at the same time, it is with urea exemple, gas head, coal head, oily head, our country has entirely, technology of our country phosphor, phosphor, Potassium, compound fat production is great mature and relatively advanced, go up to the world no matter which country runs a plant, produce the job that in hand is on the technology, the risk with nonexistent big what.
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