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Sudden huge profits of export of limitative chemical fertilizer is added impose

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Via approval of the State Council, committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council made a decision a few days ago, came on April 20, 2008 home used fat peak period on September 30 inside, all chemical fertilizer that export to all commerce form, area, enterprise and raw material of partial chemical fertilizer are on foundation of existing exit tax rate, impose the special export custom duty that imposes 100 % . Add after imposing special export custom duty, tax rate of chemical fertilizer exit will is 100% to 135% differ.

Mad exit is caused inside need pressure

The Ministry of finance expresses, enter since March, our country spring ploughing from south spread out generally north, subsequently the whole nation entered chemical fertilizer to use peak period. And the effect that suffers international the sources of energy and commissariat price to rise considerably, difference of price of chemical fertilizer of home, international market expands ceaselessly, pull moved chemical fertilizer exit to grow considerably. Urea of before this year two months exports 1.71 million tons, increase 250 % compared to the same period, phosphoric acid 2 ammonium export one ammonium, phosphoric acid to mix 315 thousand tons 259 thousand tons respectively, grow 280 respectively compared to the same period % and 130 % . The too rapid growth of exit increased the pressure that domestic chemical fertilizer rises in price, also caused chemical fertilizer of breed of domestic share area, part to supply insecurity at the same time.

To assure this year the success of spring ploughing, in the light of at present chemical fertilizer supplies the special situation that reachs the price to appear, according to " byelaw of imports and exports of custom duty of People's Republic of China " tax regulations of custom duty of the 4th the State Council, committee “ decides to issue the regulation of the applicable ” of tax rate in special situation, duty appoint can make pair of chemical fertilizer exit add the decision that imposes 100 % special custom duty.

Limitative chemical fertilizer exports sudden huge profits

Look from gross, yield of breed of our country major chemical fertilizer is enough, want to control export effectively only, can assure domestic spring ploughing completely to use fertilizer.

Wang Jing analyses analyst of oil of Oriental negotiable securities and chemical industry, all the time since, the profit that chemical fertilizer exports is very high, can saying is sudden huge profits, like phosphoric acid the international price of 2 ammonium already was as high as 1000 much dollars / ton, and domestic price fixing just 4000 multivariate RMB. “ country now the supply to assure home, affirmation should control chemical fertilizer export. Impose so much custom duty, be equal to the sudden huge profits that restricts a company, the export volume of chemical fertilizer can decrease for certain. ”

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