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Add ask for exit exit of chemical fertilizer of special custom duty is prohibite

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Tax rate of chemical fertilizer exit will is 100% to 135% differ, mean chemical fertilizer exit to be prohibited basically

On April 17, the Ministry of finance issues an announcement, via approval of the State Council, come from April 20, 2008 on September 30, the chemical fertilizer that exports to all commerce form, area, enterprise kind product and partial raw material, on the foundation of existing exit tax rate, it is a foundation in order to export the price, add impose special export custom duty, tax rate is 100% .
Website of Ministry of finance shows, add the chemical fertilizer that imposes special export custom duty kind product, include chemical fertilizer of nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fat etc to add up to 29 duty bugle call. In addition, impose this special export custom duty to changing fertilizer product raw material to also be added partly, include phosphoric acid, ammonia to add up to 3 duty bugle call.
Add after imposing special export custom duty, tax rate of chemical fertilizer exit will is 100% to 135% differ, mean chemical fertilizer exit to be prohibited basically. Current, producer price of Chinese home urea is every tons 2000 yuan or so, foreign price comes for every tons of 480 dollars 500 dollars, add after imposing 100% special custom duty, export price controls price of tower above abroad 500 yuan.
The purpose of this action, be assure to chemical fertilizer is supplied and stabilize chemical fertilizer value with fat busy season in Chinese home. Enter since March, chinese spring ploughing from south spread out generally north, subsequently the whole nation entered chemical fertilizer to use peak period. And the effect that suffers international the sources of energy and commissariat price to rise considerably, difference of price of chemical fertilizer of home, international market expands ceaselessly, pull moved chemical fertilizer exit to grow considerably.
Urea of before this year two months exports 1.71 million tons, increase compared to the same period 250% , phosphoric acid 2 ammonium export one ammonium, phosphoric acid to mix 315 thousand tons 259 thousand tons respectively, grow respectively compared to the same period 280% with 130% . The too rapid growth of exit increased the pressure that domestic chemical fertilizer rises in price, also caused chemical fertilizer of breed of domestic share area, part to supply insecurity at the same time.
On April 16, li Xiaochao of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau is introducing when economy runs a condition first quarter, say, from last year since, because,rising in price is greatly food element, this one feature is more outstanding since this year. This needs “ we are strengthening agriculture give on production special attention, especially current grain production. ”
With the State Council that day holds standing meeting also emphasizes, “ of macroscopical adjusting control should rise control prices particularly, restrain inflation to be put in more outstanding position ” .
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