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Communication of information of fertilizer of the 10th whole nation and product

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Fertilizer exhibits an area

Concentration reveals fertilizer to produce the new product of the enterprise, new technology and new positive result. Basically include: Compound (mix) fat, delay (accuse) commentate all sorts of fertilizer, organic fertilizer, biology fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphor, potash fertilizer and agent of medium, microelement fertilizer and its producer goods, soil improvement, plant grows activator of conditioning agent, surface and be helpful for crop increase production and the technology that improve quality and.

Equipment of analytic assay instrument exhibits an area

Quality of soil, fertilizer, produce detects, data of book of equipment of appearance of analytic assay instrument, automation control instrument, IT equipment and science and technology of earthy fertilizer water, CD, kinescope.

Fertilizer treatment and fertilizer distributing equipment exhibit an area

The fertilizer treatment facilities, fertilizer use equipment, equipment that pack.

Agricultural section water and establishment of water fat unifinication exhibit an area

Reveal water fertilizer fill of unifinication, sprinkling irrigation, drip irrigation, ooze, add fertilizer to irrigate wait for equipment of form a complete set and edaphic soil moisture content, ravages of a drought to monitor establishment.

Technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land and achievement exhibit an area

The whole nation and each province, city, county surveys technology of earthy recipe fertilization and gain, the Anhui province surveys technology of county of project of earthy recipe fertilization and gain, unit of education of relevant scientific research measures technology of earthy recipe fertilization and achievement to exhibit.

Project of science and technology of earthy fat water exhibits an area

Basically reveal introductory whole nation and each district project of project of major ground fat water and the produce that have local distinguishing feature.

Business negotiates area

The business that the setting secures negotiates area.

(2) thematic seminar

1. Science, economy, environmental protection fertilizes, synergism of stimulative agriculture abridged edition;
2. Compose builds scientific fertilization system, deepen job of fertilization of the recipe that measure land;
3. Circumstance of chemical fertilizer produce and sale was mixed 2008 situation of chemical fertilizer supply and demand was analysed 2009;
4. Fertilizer is registered, quality management job is dynamic.

(3) information communication and autograph restrict an activity

1. Information releases communication activity
(1) organization of association of fertilizer of concerned province organization, collaboration and enterprise participate in experience of fertilization of the recipe that measure land to introduce;
(2) enterprise or achievement of concerned unit technology and product information are released;
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