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Communication of information of fertilizer of the 10th whole nation and product

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Exhibit meeting general situation

Communication of countrywide fertilizer information and product Fair (double cross of abbreviation “ fertilizer is met ” ) it is countrywide fertilizer domain the grand meeting of ” of “ Olympic Games that has force most is to reveal product, propaganda paterial card, those who establish news of trade of culture of company of company image, transmission, communication. Hold 9 successfully already to will greet its this year up to now from 1999 10 time absurd congratulatory grand ceremony.

Current mass rally highlights science, economy, environmental protection to use fertilizer, stimulative agriculture develops a theme continuously, except roll out fertilizer domain new technology, new product, new facility ceremoniously to reveal outside trading, still will hold achievement of fertilization of the report of special subject learning, recipe that measure land to exhibit, fertilizer business information is released, analysis of situation of chemical fertilizer produce and sale, butt joint communication and autograph restrict the activity such as the ceremony.

Anhui is agricultural big province, also be to use corpulent province. The great majority fertilizer of Anhui sells an enterprise to all have the intention that states active ginseng is met. At the appointed time, come from production of domestic and international fertilizer and sale, fertilizer to produce the relevant property such as promotion of the mechanical, equipment that pack, instrument equipment, scientific research, education, farming ability (branch) ginseng exhibit business and professional personage, news media reporter, cloud gather fertilizer, join meeting number to will count a person more than.

Grand meeting meets flourishing age, tasteful see today. We strive to make a scale all-time, content is rich, open the industry distinguished gathering of win-win of harmonious, mutually beneficial, the support that expects you sincerely and participate in!


Time: In October 2008 15-16 day
12-14 day reported for duty in October, cloth is exhibited
On October 14 in the evening 18:00 welcomes bender
On October 15 09:30 opening ceremonies
10:00 reveal trade begin
On October 15 14:00-17:00 products are revealed, business negotiates, activity of friendship of couplet of special subject seminar, enterprise
The product was revealed on October 16, business negotiates, information releases autograph of unit of communication, collaboration to make an appointment with
Place: Anhui international exhibition center

Congress is main content

(one) the product is revealed with trade
Current Fair is indoor set 8 standards that exhibit an area to exhibit 500 (provisional) ; Area area is exhibited outdoor 10000 square metre.

Install especially exhibit an area

Assist handle enterprise, large company and well-known brand product.

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