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The 7th China International irrigates and fertilizer exhibition

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Domestic company ginseng exhibits expense:

5000 yuan of RMBs / 9 smooth rice standards are exhibited (rice of 3 meters of X3, configuration includes: Name of Chinese and English company, 3 are exhibited board, electrical outlet of carpet, power source (5A) , negotiate one piece desk, negotiate twice chair, exhibit an illume)

Clearing: 500 yuan of RMBs / smooth rice (36 hire since smooth rice)

Contact means:

Hurried of China International trade is met agricultural industry branch

Address: Street of inn of wheat of area of Beijing rising sun (division of office of north of Ministry of Agriculture) 20 buildings 8

Postcode: 100125 contacts: Jiang Yuepeng

Phone: 010-64194402/05

Fax: 010-65918986


Network address:

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