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The 7th China International irrigates and fertilizer exhibition

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Special support: Market of Ministry of Agriculture and economic information manage

The Ministry of Agriculture cultivates industry government department

Mechanization of farming of Ministry of Agriculture runs department

Sponsor an unit: Hurried of China International trade is met agricultural industry branch (trade of agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture promotes a center)

Place: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation

Time: In November 2008 24-26 day

Industry international communicates professional platform of collaboration

Exhibit meeting characteristic: China International irrigates and fertilizer exhibition is at present home pays close attention to exclusively only irrigate to be exhibited with the major of fertilizer industry meeting. Exhibit can devote oneself to agriculture to irrigate international trade of technology and trade communication, fertilizer is promoted, irrigate fertilization technology gains ground to be popularized with the market.

Previous term or session is exhibited can attract come from the whole world many 4000 of 40 countries and area purchase official of scholar of business of business, agency, production, expert, government to wait attend the meeting look around, undertake commerce negotiates. Already formed home of base oneself upon to irrigate stage by stage now the market, bright characteristic that serves international fertilizer commerce.

Propagandist promotion: Continue of domestic professional media publicize energetically, in the meantime, be in < the professional media of much home abroad such as New Ag International><Farm Chemicals><Gulf Agriculture> undertakes international is publicized, union participates in international major to exhibit meeting, much channel invites more global purchase business, irrigate fertilizer is final user and relevant project personnel attend the meeting to negotiate into peddling trade.

Conference of the corresponding period: Exhibit the conference of the corresponding period during the meeting to irrigate key discussion water of fertilization technology, section irrigates the heat problem such as the influence of new code of current situation of international trade of new concept new opportunity, fertilizer and countermeasure, European Union to fertilizer commerce.

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Irrigate: Sprinkling irrigation, small fill, conduit is defeated by water to irrigate technology and equipment, irrigate fertilization technology and equipment fertilizer: Nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, the fertilizer such as compound fertilizer; Algal fertilizer, delay commentate the special fertilizer such as fertilizer of fertilizer of fat, humic acid, biology, face of blade, microelement fertilizer.

Other: Conservatory project technology reachs facilities of facilities of form a complete set, establishment field of golf of landscape of machines and tools of horticultural, lawn, city, gardens irrigates reach fertilization system, agricultural zoology environmental protection
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