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2008-10-10 Xinjiang (autumn) agricultural exposition

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4. Entrance ticket invitations card: Constituent unit will print elegant invitation 200 thousand, distribute an object to be western the promotion related each province area is station, agency, agent, advanced purchase company of business, trading company, imports and exports, production business, and relevant user, constituent travelling merchant attends a meeting look around order goods.

5. Sessional report: Numerous media is organized can undertake centralized a report to exhibiting during congress, exhibit an enterprise to make a key interview to halfway ginseng.
Ginseng extend a program:
1. Ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail please " ginseng extend an application form " , build the fax after official seal or hand in send to the organizing committee (date of expiration on October 4, 2008) .
2. Extend an arrangement principle: “ applies for first, book first, prepaid money, decide ” first, assist run an unit but preferential arrangement.
3. Meeting Wu is recieved, item on display is carried reach accommodation arrangement to wait, will at " initiate advice note " or " ginseng exhibit manual " inside inform separately.

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