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2008-10-10 Xinjiang (autumn) agricultural exposition

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Show time: On October 10, 2008 - 13 days (10: 00—18: 30)
Remove extend time: On October 13, 2008 (15: 00 begin)

Show content:

Data of 1, production: Fertilizer, seed, pesticide, farming film.

Science and technology of 2, agriculture: Print of books and newspaper of place of courtyard of agricultural new technology, new achievement, new material, new product and base of new and high agriculture, scientific research, agriculture.

3, without food of produce of social effects of pollution, green, organic food: Product of products of product of birds of spirits of vegetables of grain oil, fruit, sugar, cultivate, aquatic product, meat, dairy produce, bee.

4, farming by-product, food and treatment pack technical equipment major: Of all kinds farming by-product, food; Farming equipment of processing technique of by-product, food; Farming by-product and food treatment, last, deposit, pack, carry, refrigerant, cold storage, dry treatment, display ark to wait; Product of other and relevant technology, media
Flowers of 5, gardens: Gardens project, flowers, nursery stock, miniascape.
6, agriculture is mechanical: Cultivate, reap, equipment of irrigation and drainage, conservatory, reach produce to machine machinery to wait.

7, stock raising: Pasturage feed; Biology technology; New technology and new breed; Birds kind with domestic animals; Pasturage enginery; Product of other and relevant technology, media.

8, zoology travels: Tourist attraction of travel of countryside, grange, mountain villa and travel product.

Sessional activity and arrangement:
1. Project of Xinjiang capital attraction is large recommend meeting

2. Professional seminar technology communicates news briefing of can new product

Propagandist offensive and audience invite:

1. Mainstream media: This second congress will be in Xinjiang TV station, corps TV station, " Xinjiang daily " , " corps daily " , main media undertakes the Xinjiang such as broadcasting station of Xinjiang people broadcast extensive advertisement conduct propaganda and press.

2. Target audience: Large project controller; ; of business of distribute agent, foreign trade farming animal husbandry management department; Government the expert of each ministries and commissions; Farming animal husbandry popularizes a station; Farming herd industry produces delegate of enterprise, management enterprise; Technical service department is represented; Unit of scientific research education is represented; Farming endowment delegate of industry production company comes round to look around negotiate

3. Governmental channel: Congress origanization construction will be in charge of a branch to allot relevant file with the industry, each agriculture is in charge of announcement Xinjiang and northwest area unit, guild, farming endowment school of unit of company, distribute, scientific research attends a meeting at the appointed time communication of view and emulate, negotiate order goods.
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