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2008-10-10 Xinjiang (autumn) agricultural exposition

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Time: On October 10, 2008—13 days of places: Xinjiang international reads extensively center

Organizing committee secretariat:

Address: Xi Hong of Xinjiang Urumqi city east road 624 postcodes: 830002
Phone: (0991) 7787271 7915578 7769833
Fax: (0991) 7915578 7769833
Contact: Wang Zhen 139 9918 3267

Review with look into:

First exposition is signed in all arrange a project 93, clinch a deal amount 3.834 billion yuan, at present already 5 make an appointment with a project to enter executive phase into the autograph of above. And the 2nd exposition is in again exhibit meeting dimensions, ginseng to exhibit breed, ginseng to exhibit unit and ginseng the respect such as meeting number exceeds first exposition greatly, the autograph makes an appointment with 167, clinch a deal amount 4.01 billion, ginseng exhibit an unit to exceed 260, form a delegation join the personnel that exhibit to exceed 800 people, ginseng exhibit a product in all 13 kinds big, 191 34 categories, series, breed amounts to 346 kinds. The area of 20 many provinces such as Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui also forms a delegation play current fair.

Municipal vice-chairman Qian Zhi is in exposition speech, the hope passes exposition this platform, the understanding of the personage outside deepening home further to course of study of Lin Guo of Xinjiang agriculture, characteristic, stimulative Xinjiang and the communication that domestic and international industry grows, strengthen Xinjiang and world each country especially Chinese and Western inferior, the collaboration that South Asia each country and home visit an area each, thrust uses the rapid development of course of study of Lin Guo of Xinjiang and even countrywide agriculture, characteristic.

Its develop the advantage industry project that agriculture regards Xinjiang as to be paid close attention to all the time by the height of country and government, the Xinjiang of the 1/6 that occupies countrywide area is our country agriculture not only basically produce a division, more the main production base of the economic crop such as tomato of cotton, industry, safflower, medlar, big jujube, hop, agricultural space is vast.

This second exhibit meeting general to show current country centrally, outside advanced agricultural production is data, high grade water of produce, section irrigates, establishment agriculture and Agricultural Machinery and Implement. For 9 years spring ploughing lays solid foundation, advanced and applicable technology applies timely stimulative agriculture, raise Xinjiang agriculture modernization and informatization level, urge Xinjiang and country, outside the economic technology communication of agricultural domain and commerce collaboration, mix to promoting Xinjiang agriculture science and technology content the port with enhance international competition ability to have very principal!

Program arrangement:

Cloth extends time: October 2008 8, 9 days (10: 00—18: 00)
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