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Double cross of fertilizer of the 10th whole nation is met will hold in Anhui at

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“ communication of information of fertilizer of the 10th whole nation and product Fair ” (double cross of fertilizer of “ of the following abbreviation is met ” ) will on October 15, 2008 - hold 16 days in Anhui international exhibition center. The conference is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, government of people of city of committee of agriculture of service center of countrywide agrotechnical promotion, the Anhui province, Hefei is sponsorred jointly, terminal of fertilizer of soil of the Anhui province undertakes, the whole nation is saved each (area, city) earthy fertilizer station reachs concerned unit assist do.
One, meeting theme: Science, economy, environmental protection uses fertilizer, stimulative agriculture develops continuously.
2, conference time and place: On October 15, 2008 —16 day, sessional 2 days, daily of 13 days of —14 is exhibited to cloth. Anhui international exhibition center (Hefei city) .
3, the conference is main content
(one) the product is revealed with trade
Time: On October 15, 2008 —16 day.
Place: Anhui international exhibition center, the standard is set to exhibit inside 500, area area is exhibited outdoor 10000 square metre.
Content: Agent of fertilizer product, soil improvement, plant grows achievement of technology of fertilization of the establishment of water of section of treatment of instrument of assay of conditioning agent, analysis, fertilizer and fertilizer distributing equipment, agriculture and water fertilizer unifinication, recipe that measure land.
(2) thematic seminar
Time: On October 15, 2008 14: 00-17:
Place: Assembly room of Anhui international exhibition center
Content: 1. Science, economy, environmental protection fertilizes, synergism of stimulative agriculture abridged edition; 2. Compose builds scientific fertilization system, deepen job of fertilization of the recipe that measure land; 3. Circumstance of chemical fertilizer produce and sale was mixed 2008 situation of chemical fertilizer supply and demand was analysed 2009; 4. Fertilizer is registered, quality management job is dynamic.
(3) information communication and autograph restrict an activity
Time: On October 16, 2008 9: 30-11:
Place: Assembly room of Anhui international exhibition center
Content: 1. Information releases communication activity. (1) organization of association of fertilizer of concerned province organization, collaboration and enterprise participate in experience of fertilization of the recipe that measure land to introduce; (2) enterprise or achievement of concerned unit technology and product information are released; (3) bulletin of circumstance of formulate of recipe of fertilizer of fertilization of the recipe that measure land, " the main fertilizer recipe that project of fertilization of the recipe that measure land forms " wait for information data to send. 2. Cooperative unit autograph restricts an activity. (1) content of cooperative unit, collaboration and its practice introduce; (2) media spot covers a report.
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