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2008 Shandong fertilizer (farming endowment) the product trades and information

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Undertake unit: Plant protection of city of overgrown with weeds of Lai of station of fertilizer of land of city of Lai overgrown with weeds stands

Exhibition of Beijing head develop serves limited company

Coronal list: (wait for calm, equipment search is detailed data)

Assistance unit: (wait for calm, equipment search is detailed data)

Support media: Website of chemical fertilizer of China of farming rich net China of net of compound fertilizer of China of golden farming net farming endowment net

Net of agriculture of China of net of chemical fertilizer of China of net of Chinese chemical fertilizer farming endowment gazette farming endowment big market

Chinese chemical fertilizer and pesticide China farming endowment network of information of chemical fertilizer of market network China

Chinese farming endowment China of farming ability network farming endowment net China farming network of financial condition news is northward farming endowment net

Chinese farming endowment chain net China measures newspaper of science and technology of Heibei of net of earthy recipe fertilization

◆ ginseng extends range

One, product of of all kinds fertilizer, of all kinds fertilizer detects machinery of production of equipment, of all kinds fertilizer; New product of of all kinds fertilizer, new technology, new achievement.

2, new product of of all kinds pesticide and seed, new technology, new achievement.

◆ publicizes promotion

1, in newspaper of chemical industry of farmer daily, China, China farming endowment communication network, China farming endowment network of information of chemical fertilizer of network of news of financial condition of market network, China farming, China, China farming endowment north of farming ability network, China farming endowment net, " Chinese farming, in order to increase propagandist strength, raise “ Shandong double cross meeting ” is famous degree. Mix before the meeting TV station of TV station of channel of agriculture of sessional centrally TV station, Shandong, Lai overgrown with weeds, " Qi Lu evening paper " , " daily of Lai overgrown with weeds " etc conduct propaganda is done to report on public media.

2, presswork 200 thousand pieces of visiting invitation, entrance ticket, distribute freely to farming endowment orgnaization of manufacturing administrator, agrotechnical personnel, agronomist, expert, scholar, scientific research, government sector and supervisory administration, farming asset tastes jobber, agency, plant

In establish large family and farmer hand, current Fair will join before inviting its exhibit, look around, purchase.

3, pass orgnaization of industry major mass organizations, commerce, organize the domestic and international professional team that buy the home, the communication that drives both sides of purchase and sale cooperates.

4, distribute 30 free buses, wait for unitary organization masses to come round freely to look around by each city, county, countryside, village and plant protection branch.
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