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2008 Shandong fertilizer (farming endowment) the product trades and information

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Time: 28 years August 28- - 30 days
Place: Does  of settleclear A of broadleaf plant  sail Ji goes quite?
China is an agricultural big country, shandong province is agriculture and save with hypertrophy, agricultural base is solid, science and technology develops, industrialization rate is higher. City of Lai overgrown with weeds is located in Chinese Shandong the province is mid, north depends on provincial capital Jinan, famous Mount Taishan leans on the west, highway canalage extend in all directions, the ” of important “ crossroad that for the whole nation hub of important and terraqueous traffic and economy of thing north and south contact, farming endowment commercial site is spread all over urban and rural, integrated, major farming endowment terminal market development is rapid, the advanced science and technology that attracted many province city of countrywide, area and famous farming endowment the enterprise enters Shandong, investment builds a plant, market size is great, having investment to do poineering work, the distinctive and geographical dominant position that expands economy, present the new picture with an one healthy manner and air.
Develop to drive agricultural modernization further, increase farming endowment the propagandist promotion of new technology, new achievement, new product, offer to show arena for branch of scientific research of enterprise, agriculture, school, high-tech of sufficient play fertilizer is added in our country rural economics, farmer close, the action in agricultural increase production, promote farming endowment the communication between the industry and collaboration, by the government relevant director branch on August 2008 28—30 day overs grown with weeds in Shandong Lai the international exhibition center holds “2008 Shandong fertilizer (farming endowment) product Fair and information communicate meeting ” . Current double cross is met will with more excellent service, exhibit an enterprise meticulously to build the platform that trade of an IT communication, classics cooperates to join, offer the good opportunity of farther development market!
Here, invite sincerely you to join in current double cross is met, start the market in all, postpone grand plan in all.
◆ shows program

Cloth exhibits: August 2008 26—27 day

Opening ceremony: On August 28, 2008 morning 9:30

Exhibition: August 2008 28---30 days

Remove exhibit: On August 30, 2008 afternoon 14:00

◆ origanization construction

Sponsor an unit: Chinese farming asset tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of earth of food of promotion association China

Shandong saves government of people of city of overgrown with weeds of agricultural hall Lai

Assist run an unit: Commission of trade of economy of city of overgrown with weeds of Lai of bureau of agriculture of city of Lai overgrown with weeds

Bureau of multibarrel of city of Lai overgrown with weeds
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