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The 16th annual meeting and congress of the 5th member are in industry of countr

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Day of every —29, the 16th annual meeting and congress of the 5th member are in industry of countrywide phosphate fertilizer Nanchang is held, the conference summed up phosphate fertilizer industry to be in carry out fulfil scientific progress view, energy-saving decrease platoon, resource to be used integratedly, the result that the respect such as technical equipment progress obtains, communicated the experience that running the side such as innovation, technology innovation, mechanism innovation, analysed seriously reach the situation henceforth currently, promote a trade thereby good rapid development.

Conference vote arose new a director and standing director, held 5 standing board, the election produced association of phosphate fertilizer industry new member of a leader, wu Xiyan is elected for the director, blessing of Guizhou earthen jar (group) chemical fertilizer of Gui Xi of Li Rugang of president of Inc. of chemical industry of international of Yun Tianhua of He Haoming of limited company president, Yunnan, Jiangxi is finite yellow light of liability company general manager be elected for the vice-president. Before this, yellow bright general manager ever was elected for vice-president of the 4th association.

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