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National hair changes appoint chemical fertilizer supplies the conference how to

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On April 11 afternoon, national hair changes appoint chemical fertilizer supplies working informal discussion to install chemical fertilizer Inc. to hold in Heibei change. National hair changes appoint vice director Liu Tienan, province hair changes appoint Chan Baofeng of industrial bureau deputy director general, he Chunjun of deputy mayor of Xin Zhichun of deputy mayor of Tang Shan municipal government and members of standing committee of our city municipal Party committee, municipal government is attended.
Liu Tienan asks, concerned branch should regard the height that ensures food safety as to consider fertilizer industry, control the growth momentum of price of chemical fertilizer producer goods, increase the enthusiasm that broad farmer fertilizes ceaselessly. Fertilizer company should raise technical level ceaselessly, reduce manufacturing cost as far as possible, raise economic benefits. Economic director branch and experience farming the service department wants from at the moment the interest is attracted and national policy guides wait for much angle to set out, make relevant policy, stimulative company raises crop and farmer science fertilization, want to hold to system of national directiveness price fixing at the same time, make chemical fertilizer supplies working fitness to develop in order, synergism of cogent stimulative agriculture, farmer is added close.

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