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Chemical fertilizer can exhibit FMB Asia to be held in Beijing

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In addition, because the potash fertilizer on FMB conference trades,both sides has the rule that has consulting in the light of negotiation of potash fertilizer contract, all domestic trafficker are paying close attention to this second conference closely. But disclose according to some personnel attending the meeting, current FMB session, about our country be related of negotiation of big contract of 8 years of potash fertilizer is done not have obtain what materiality to make progress. Manner of supplier of Russia potash fertilizer is very hale, still hold to 600 dollars / ton the price of above.

The conference sponsors square FMB magazine to express when accepting a reporter to interview, policy of Chinese chemical fertilizer and fertilizer market are bigger and bigger to the influence of world fertilizer market, affect the agricultural policy that imports a country to chemical fertilizer even, they will pay close attention to trend of Chinese fertilizer market more, hope to be able to more opportunities and China are communicated.

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