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Chemical fertilizer can exhibit FMB Asia to be held in Beijing

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On April 9 - 11 days, chemical fertilizer of Asia of the 5th FMB can be exhibited hold in hotel of peninsula of Beijing king government office, hundreds personage entered industry of domestic and international fertilizer this second grand meeting.

In recent years, chinese economy position in the world the position is increasingly significant, chinese fertilizer market also becomes the focus of world fertilizer market, the crop of Chinese chemical fertilizer and consumption all reside the world firmly already the first, accordingly, this second FMB conference regain China. On the meeting, come from national hair to change appoint, in change chemical fertilizer, Han Feng constant the delegate of the unit such as international of green company, Yun Tianhua is current the topic such as fertilizer industry of China made a presentation, the delegate of the foreign enterprise such as British FCC company also expressed his view with respect to market condition of global chemical fertilizer.

During this the conference is held, just meet industry is rife the information that China will move chemical fertilizer to export custom duty on the near future, go up because of this conference, the foreign trader exports custom duty policy to pay close attention to all the more to Chinese chemical fertilizer, become the focal topic that joins conference representing communication quickly. The message to the attune on custom duty feels major foreign trader and businessman of domestic export trade astonish, think the extent that moves this on custom duty and speed are breathtaking generally. Partial foreign trader plans to borrow visit to be signed originally this year chemical fertilizer order, but wear soon come true hard. Partial delegate expresses, will continue to await a news, clutch on one hand and the cost after Chinese manufacturer communicates the attune on new tariff divides a problem, in addition, begin a consideration from Moroccan wait for other country entrance.

Session, the foreign trader is special still at this point problem to hair change appoint concerned personage undertakes seeking testimony, but the detail that this personage did not disclose to be moved on any custom duty.

Besides the topic of the attune on custom duty, the environmental protection problem that Chinese chemical fertilizer produces also makes the attention point that joins meeting staff, they are the producer type of main the sources of energy to express concern with coal to China. The relevant personage that attends this meeting expresses, this is decided by structure of Chinese the sources of energy, china likes relatively clean the sources of energy as much, and, the manufacturing technology of enterprise of Chinese coal head is being improved, energy-saving decreasing a platoon also is national policy is main and oriented. In addition, sulfureous price quotations also becomes the topic that the conference cares. Conference the last day, shanghai is good Wang Qinglin analysed general manager of year of sulfureous division of international trade company sulfureous prices, he predicts sulfureous this year price will still higher-priced moves.
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