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Fertilizer of 2008 Hua Dong area (farming endowment) the product trades and info

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3, meeting Wu cost: Everybody is 100 yuan, contain data cost, proceedings of a conferences, ginseng ticket of guideline, address book, can relevant certificate, congress, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to avoid stop 1 person meeting Wu cost. When reporting for duty, make calling card please a piece.
Cover ¥ inside front cover of 8000 yuan of title page / 3 ¥ ¥ of the page inside 4000 yuan of color 3000 yuan
Back cover ¥ 6000 yuan black and white inside page ¥ ¥ of the page inside 1000 yuan of characters 500 yuan
Note: Chromatic ad asks an enterprise to offer phenanthrene forest piece, if need to organize an unit to be designed for you,make, must hand in the cost that make to expend 300 yuan.
5, other advertisement project:
¥ of advertisement of complete edition of visiting certificate the reverse side 4000 yuan / ¥ of advertisement of complete edition of the reverse side of invitation of 10 thousand pieces of business affairs 5000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces
Chromatic balloon contains scroll ad a ¥ 3500 yuan / rainbow door generation makes advertisement content ¥ 3500 yuan /
Scroll advertisement ¥ 800 yuan / giant cloth 6M×12M reads extensively ¥ of body of the wall before the center 8000 yuan /
¥ of advertisement of complete edition of acting illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body and visiting card the reverse side 4000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces
6, professional delibrate / technical communication is met / new product news briefing
Every collect fees ¥ 3000 yuan of RMBs / 2 hours, constituent unit offers the establishment of form a complete set such as field, lamps and lanterns, acoustics, projector, desk and chair and articles for use, assist enterprise of give a lecture to organize audience.
◆ ginseng extends a program
1, ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail please " ginseng extend an application form " build official seal, send or fax to the organizing committee. Exhibit charge to collect an organizing committee to assign account at will be being joined inside 5 days. Exhibit allocate arrive to be arranged orderly early or late with the paragraph.
2, ginseng exhibit business to be after remit charge, must fax bank money order bill or mail toward the organizing committee, so that check.
3, the organizing committee is in affirm after signing up, at before the meeting 30 days to ginseng exhibit an unit to send " initiate advice note " .
4, sponsor unit reservation to need according to congress whole, adjust the right that extends a position finally.
◆ contacts means
Address: Xuzhou international exhibition center 2 buildings 234 rooms postcode: 221008
Phone: 0516---83200285 83873055 83876758 83872298
Fax: 0516---83876908 mailbox:
Contact: Xu Hui 15996930913

Contact means
Organizing committee name:
Contact: Xu Hui 15996930913
Connect a telephone call: 0516---83200285
Fax: 0516---83876908
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