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Fertilizer of 2008 Hua Dong area (farming endowment) the product trades and info

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3, pass orgnaization of industry major mass organizations, commerce, organize the domestic and international professional team that buy the home, the communication that drives both sides of purchase and sale cooperates.
4, distribute 30 free buses, wait for unitary organization masses to come round freely to look around by each city, county, countryside, village and plant protection branch.
◆ sessional activity:
1, the product recommends evaluation to give company of 10 high grade fertilizer to be recommended to complete province. Recommend a product to be applied for of one's own accord by manufacturer home, the committee of experts is authorized finally. Every recommend collection of brand of a company to recommend cost 3000 yuan, every increase a breed to add receive 500 yuan. Application recommends the enterprise of the product to answer to be able to offer product sample, product to define to the commissioner etc, classics product recommends a committee of experts authorized the fertilizer variety that carry, issue “ by the organizing committee most suffer Anhui farmer gay farming asset tastes ’’ medal, certificate. If participate,the product was not met through congress commissioner assess, what hand in evaluation to expend sum to return.
2, hold machinery of new fertilizer, new technology, treatment, check meter implement and be on sale relevantly with fertilizer activity. Complementary demonstrate to wait for a form with material of character, chart, video, spot, implementation business negotiates, information communication, technology is made over, the organic union such as capital attraction;
3, constituent farming asset is tasted purchase negotiate meeting, become rich experience communication activity, invite the professional personage such as elder expert, scholar, well-known company to attend the meeting, problem of heat of art of go to school and industrialization development problem publish thematic speech and delibrate, with the exhibition, be on sale echo, form the comprehensive communication of technology of the the directest, most effective commerce, implementation and information, the brand that does agricultural domain current Fair is met.
◆ appreciation serves
The ginseng that every signs up before August 2008 exhibits an enterprise to will obtain “ freely Chinese farming asset tastes one side of advertisement of Logo of webpage of government of promotion association ” , time is a year. Join the advertisement content that exhibits an enterprise to prepare need to extend a product please, we are designed for you.
◆ is exhibited reach advertisement to collect fees
1, international standard exhibits a 3M×3M, ¥ 3600 yuan / (include: 3 are exhibited board, lintel light canal, report
Source electrical outlet, one desk is two chair, clean card of cost, security personnel cost, delegate) , horn add collect 10% fee.
2, interior open space exhibits an area especially (case hire: 36 m 2) , ¥ 500 yuan / m 2; The clearing outdoor (case hire: 30 m 2) ¥ 300 yuan / m 2.
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