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Fertilizer of 2008 Hua Dong area (farming endowment) the product trades and info

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Achievement give somebody a new lease on life is noble in former days
2007 the 4th year of Jiangsu fertilizer (farming endowment) trade and the success that information communication meets is held attracted ginseng of many 200 enterprise of countrywide to exhibit, professional audience amounts to more than 30000 person-time, sign intent contract in all 80 many, contract sale 100 million multivariate, 7 years ” of Jiangsu “ double cross meets hold, showed Huadongde adequately area farming endowment the market is extremely huge, red-blooded development space. Meeting ” meets current “ double cross scale is larger, administrative levels is higher, during congress, constituent unit will invite the professional personage such as elder expert, scholar, well-known company to attend the meeting, problem of heat of art of go to school and industrialization development problem publish thematic speech and delibrate, with the exhibition, be on sale echo, the comprehensive communication that forms the the directest, most effective commerce, technology and information and interactive. Turn Chinese farming into ” of meeting of double cross of Hua Dong “ endowment the brand of the domain is met.
Comprehensive promotion is publicized
The organizing committee will be in the whole nation publicizes promotion on each big famous Fair current exposition, be in home each are big farming endowment print of professional magazine, the press, website puts an advertisement, issue information and special subject report, in order to increase propagandist strength, raise double cross the meeting is famous degree, mix before the meeting good conduct propaganda is done to report on the public media such as daily of total station of TV of TV station of channel of agriculture of sessional centrally TV station, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, Xuzhou, Yangtse Evening Post.
◆ publicizes promotion
1, in newspaper of chemical industry of farmer daily, China, China farming endowment communication network, China farming endowment network of information of chemical fertilizer of network of news of financial condition of market network, China farming, China, China farming endowment north of farming ability network, China farming endowment net, " Chinese farming, in order to increase propagandist strength, raise “ Hua Dongshuang to hand in meeting ” famous degree. Mix before the meeting channel of agriculture of sessional centrally TV station, Jiangsu is defended inspect, good conduct propaganda is done to report on the public media such as the masses such as evening paper of daily of Xuzhou TV total station, Yangtse Evening Post, Xuzhou, Peng Cheng.
2, presswork 200 thousand pieces of visiting invitation, entrance ticket, distribute freely to farming endowment manufacturing administrator, agrotechnical personnel, farming
Orgnaization of art division, expert, scholar, scientific research, government sector and supervisory administration, farming asset tastes jobber, agency, in cultivating large family and farmer hand, current Fair will join before inviting its exhibit, look around, purchase.
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