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Fertilizer of 2008 Hua Dong area (farming endowment) the product trades and info

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Here, invite sincerely you to join in current double cross is met, start the market in all, postpone grand plan in all.
◆ shows program
Cloth exhibits: July 2008 6—7 day
Opening ceremony: On July 8, 2008 morning 9:38
Exhibition: July 2008 8---10 days
Remove exhibit: On July 10, 2008 afternoon 14:00
◆ origanization construction
Sponsor an unit: Chinese farming asset tastes area of promotion association Hua Dong association of each fertilizer industry
Jiangsu province agronomy is met exhibition of Beijing head develop serves limited company
Assist run an unit: Agronomy of city of Xuzhou of cooperation of countrywide supply and marketing is met
Bureau of Xuzhou city agriculture " Chinese farming endowment science and technology " editorial office
Jiangsu of station of fertilizer of Xuzhou city land saves cooperation of supply and marketing
Cooperation of supply and marketing of city of Xuzhou of station of Xuzhou city plant protection
Undertake unit: Exhibition of Beijing head develop serves limited company
Coronal list: (wait for calm, equipment search is detailed data)
Assistance unit: (wait for calm, equipment search is detailed data)
Support media: Website of chemical fertilizer of China of farming rich net China of net of compound fertilizer of China of golden farming net farming endowment net
Science and technology of Heibei of net of chemical fertilizer of China of net of Chinese chemical fertilizer signs up for farming endowment gazette farming endowment big market
◆ ginseng extends range
One, product of of all kinds fertilizer, of all kinds fertilizer detects machinery of production of equipment, of all kinds fertilizer; New product of of all kinds fertilizer, new technology, new achievement.
2, new product of of all kinds pesticide and seed, new technology, new achievement.
◆ exposition window
The government takes industry attention seriously
Current agriculture exposition by China farming asset tastes promotion association to sponsor, get Hua Dong bureau of each district agriculture, agrotechnical point to
Guide of association of station, agriculture, society support energetically, having vast appeal power, cohesive affinity and force.
Make meticulously trade platform
Constituent unit passes the elaborate plan with much half an year, everywhere interest of businessman of with a view to, pay attention to actual effect, consider careful travel sincerely, bring up to reveal the figure, development market, terrace that sells a product for the businessman with all one's strength, the constituent form that takes ” of act in an opera of stage, enterprise with ” government, the meeting that makes Chinese agriculture hard exhibits a brand, be bred stage by stage and build gain of a market to reveal, the product trades, union of trade of information communication, capital attraction, inside and outside can develop continuously, have commerciality, internationally, of normative sex agrotechnical trade platform.
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