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Fertilizer of 2008 Hua Dong area (farming endowment) the product trades and info

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Hold date: In July 2008 8- - 10 days
Hold a place: Xuzhou international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Chinese farming asset tastes promotion association
Hua Dong area association of each fertilizer industry
Jiangsu saves agronomy to meet
Exhibition of Beijing head develop serves limited company

Assist run an unit: Cooperation of countrywide supply and marketing
Xuzhou city agronomy is met
Bureau of Xuzhou city agriculture
" Chinese farming endowment science and technology " editorial office
Fertilizer of Xuzhou city land stands
Jiangsu saves cooperation of supply and marketing
Xuzhou city plant protection stands
Cooperation of Xuzhou city supply and marketing

Support media: Farming rich net
Website of Chinese chemical fertilizer
Golden farming net
Net of Chinese answer Hefei
Chinese farming endowment net
Net of Chinese chemical fertilizer
Net of China chemical fertilizer
Heibei science and technology signs up for
Farming endowment gazette
Farming endowment big market

Exhibit meeting category: Pesticide chemical fertilizer
Be in an area: Jiangsu province
Can exhibit a description:

Fertilizer of 2008 Hua Dong area (farming endowment) the product trades and information communication is met
Time: In July 2008 8- - 10 days of places: Xuzhou international exhibition center
China is an agricultural big country, hua Dong area is agriculture and use the area with larger fertilizer, agricultural base is solid, science and technology develops, industrialization rate is higher. Xuzhou city is located in revive, rash, comfort, Anhui 4 provinces have a common boundary, two old railway reach of great capacity of Beijing Shanghai, Gansu here collect, beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal draws near city and over- , perforative Xuzhou north and south, highway canalage extend in all directions, the ” of important “ crossroad that for the whole nation hub of important and terraqueous traffic and economy of thing north and south contact, farming endowment commercial site is spread all over urban and rural, integrated, major farming endowment terminal market development is rapid, already became Huadongde stage by stage in last few years area farming endowment the important distribution centre of goods economy. The advanced science and technology that attracted many province city of countrywide, area and famous farming endowment the enterprise enters Xuzhou, investment builds a plant, present the new picture with an one healthy manner and air.
Develop to drive agricultural modernization further, increase farming endowment the propagandist promotion of new technology, new achievement, new product, offer to show arena for branch of scientific research of enterprise, agriculture, school, high-tech of sufficient play fertilizer is added in our country rural economics, farmer close, the action in agricultural increase production, promote farming endowment the communication between the industry and collaboration, in view of this, on July 2008 by government and canal of relevant travel owner 8—10 day is in Xuzhou international exhibition center holds fertilizer of area of “2008 Hua Dong ceremoniously (farming endowment) product Fair and information communicate meeting ” . Current double cross is met will with more excellent service, exhibit an enterprise meticulously to build the platform that trade of an IT communication, classics cooperates to join, offer the good opportunity of farther development market!
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