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Chang Deshao opens carbolic ammonium price to check bulletin of details of a cas

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The middle ten days of a month came this year in March April, bureau of price of constant heart city checks this city the discovery when price of ammonium of coke of company of production of 5 carbon ammonium carries out a circumstance, finite liability company, Hunan surpasses chemical industry of earth of the gold that bring country limited company of Zhi chemical industry (Lin Li) , chemical industry of company of finite liability of chemical industry of Li county Jin Yuan, Hunan Chinese nitrogen is finite liability company (Chinese birthday) , limited company of chemical industry of Chang Desheng benefit (peach source) .

On May 27, bureau of price of Chang De city holds carbolic ammonium price to check bulletin of details of a case to meet, to partial city National People's Congress consumer of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of delegate, city, farmer is represented and farming endowment manufacturer home, farming endowment agency reports a case, listen to an opinion. City price bureau points out about chief, because the small chemical fertilizer such as carbolic ammonium and agriculture produce be closely bound up, at the same time as a result of in last few years chemical fertilizer price rises considerably, kind of grain enthusiasm that affected a farmer and farmer are added close. Below this kind of circumstance, the country brings into chemical fertilizer the category of commodity of governmental canal price, solid administration seat of government coachs valence manages, such finishing have a law to be able to be depended on completely. According to file regulation: 2008, ammonium of our city carbon leaves factory in exact value is 535 yuan / ton, allow rise not to exceed 6% (namely top producer price is 567 yuan / ton) . 5 afore-mentioned enterprises exceed the producer price that the file sets to sell the behavior of carbolic ammonium, disobeyed " standard of value of People's Republic of China " dozenth “ operator has price activity, ought to abide by law, code, carry out the government that establishs lawfully the regulation of ” of price of directive price, government and measure of legal price interpose, an emergency measures, according to this law thirtieth at the same time 9 “ operator does not carry out a government of measure of price of directive price, government and legal price interpose, an emergency measures, instruct correct, confiscate illegal earning, can be in the amerce with illegal fivefold and the following earning; Did not violate earning, can be in in order to fine; The clue is serious, instruct close down to rectify ” to undertake condemnatory.

Farming endowment manufacturer home represents report, cause carbolic ammonium the main reason that producer price exceeds governmental price fixing is coal etc Yuan Fucai makings rises. As the enterprise, cost raised, producer price nature wants raise. Farmer consumer delegate says, because farming endowment rise in price range is big, the cost of peasant till the land raises greatly now, the cost of a mu of paddy achieved 800 yuan or so, manufacturing enthusiasm gets very big impact, broad farmer is pressing hope farming endowment the price falls as soon as possible. Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the delegate of city National People's Congress that attends the meeting, city thinks consistently, in view of at present farming asset is tasted rise in price range is bigger, the manufacturing enthusiasm of the farmer gets very big impact, accordingly, it is indispensible that the government is superintended. As the enterprise, the responsibility that has a company already has social responsibility more, the economy that should make an enterprise normal run to should consider a farmer more already supports ability. As the government, want to have scientific and reasonable price below masses of give attention to two or morethings and company profit principle, undertake adjustment to fixing a price according to actual condition. In the meantime, producer price exceeded the carbolic ammonium that produces a business considering ammonium of our city carbon because produce the account that cost adds,governmental price fixing is really, proposal prices branch is acted on reasonable and lawful add up to affection and the principle that rectify and reform in education again, lawfully, take into consideration the circumstances makes processing to the behavior violating value of afore-mentioned enterprises.
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