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Shandong province is flown across (tall tower) fertilizer limited company

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Shandong province is flown across (tall tower) fertilizer limited company is collect design of high-powered fertilizer production, steel structure tall tower, make the large modern company that reachs installation to be an organic whole. The company is located in Shandong Linyi river east region industry garden, existing fixed assets 160 million yuan, have a worker 1200 more than person, project technology personnel 168 people, cover an area of a face to accumulate 200 mus, produce per year ability 300 thousand tons. Tall tower fuse-element makes a product line. Shandong “ flies across ” steel structure this technology obtained tall tower to be affected nationally, walk along the front row that was in the world. This craft uses Russia technology and the red grain that import potash fertilizer production. White grain contains pinhole to prevent bogus, grain is even and smooth, yi Rong is solved (dissolve entirely inside 3 minutes) easy absorb without residual, raised fertilizer utilization rate greatly, be entrance answer Hefei replace a product.
Main product: Tall tower makes a compound fertilizer. (pinhole prevents bogus red grain; White grain)
Tall tower makes a compound fat recipe (gules. White pinhole grain)
48% (24-10-14) ;
45% (23-10-12) ; 45% (20-5-20) .
40% (22-8-10) ; 40%(23-8-9) ; 40% (22-5-13) ;
39% (26-13-0) (nitro- ammonium phosphate)
35% (20-10-5) ; (15-15-5);
32%(26-6-0) ; Take aperture. Red white grain, bai Pi packs semi-manufactured goods.
Sell a company; Yuan manager: 15069977687

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