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Limited company of chemical industry of Hubei moxa gold

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Limited company of chemical industry of Hubei moxa gold is the civilian battalion enterprise that is resource base to build development to rise with mine of land of embellish of Peng of Hubei billabong hill. Company land lies have “ 9 provinces are connected thoroughfare the Hubei Wuhan city of ” good name. Our company adopt special technical research and development and products plan, apply all sorts of craft to undertake remodel to Peng embellish earth, achieve each industry place to need item characteristics thereby. Product component is round binder of ball of metallurgy iron ore, nicety to cast fluid of series of earth of special Peng embellish, artesian well to use feed of Peng embellish earth, biology to use Peng embellish land, use a plant oil and edible oil use active Bai Tu, cat arenaceous etc.

Earth of company Peng embellish produces per year a quantity to exceed 100 thousand tons. The product sells as far as to many province town of past home, reach country and the area such as southeast Asia, North America. The product applies Yu Zhu extensively to build, the domain such as metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, artesian well, papermaking. Many land mine institutes of company and home build center of metalloid research and development in all, become backup force with advanced science and technology, support high administrative levels runs team and experienced mechanic team, formed from mine exploitation, products plan, research and development, treatment, sale reachs substance of enterprise of after service unifinication.

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