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The Chengdu City synthesizes limited company of biology science and technology

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Limited company of science and technology of Chengdu synthesis biology is collect the experience farming high-tech that development of microbial sophisticated technology, production, sale is an organic whole civilian battalion enterprise, what ” of environment of organisms' habits of “ improved soil, protection holds to all the time since the company was established 1998 oneself is brand-new concept. Last a period of time 10 years, get run the China, “ luck Lai that leads forefathers group is special ” (2004 words of microbial fertilizer follow a word 0147) the success of the microbial agent that urge corrupt comes out, detonate ” of microbial “ nucleus can. The company insists to be forerunner with science and technology, gather industry elite, pickaback “ makes Chinese soil improvement get army person, do China the old standard of the spokesman ” of the microbial agent that urge corrupt, the product applies to the soil fertility that earth up fertilizer, straw extensively to return cropland, soil organic qualitative promotion, medium low yield cropland is transformed wait for national agriculture government to purchase an item, town of 10 more than province.

Register capital 5.03 million yuan, origanization construction is built complete, execute a board of directors to lead the general manager below to be in charge of making. The company sets origanization construction and center of manufacturing scientific research, origanization construction sets: Ministry of resource of firm office, manpower, financial department, market sale ministry; Produce scientific research center to set: Room of service of room of research and development of workshop of division of plan of the office, production, quality inspection division, financial division, production, lab, product, farming ability. The company holds to “ to be forerunner with science and technology, beg development ” with quality, its technology force is abundant, management concept is advanced, manufacturing technology is banner, manufacturing facilities is top-ranking, to the enterprise development laid firm foundation. “5 overcomes corrupt to solve straw of a mu of cropland, ”“ luck Lai is special ” industry of celebrity of attitude of outstanding, exclamatory making a person, zoology, environmental protection, dosage little, low-cost, operation is simple, economic the characteristic such as increase production of chemical fertilizer, agriculture, suffer government sector, agriculture to be in charge of branch, environmental protection branch fully, farming endowment market favour.

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