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Heibei is saved answer the factory that mix fertilizer

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Heibei is saved answer the factory that mix fertilizer is the large modern company that Heibei province produces compound fertilizer the earliest, plant area covers an area of 120000 square metre, total assets 120 million yuan, have home's top-ranking compound fat product line 3, BB fat product line 1, organic - inorganic and compound fat product line 1, strong fertilization product line 1, produce per year sulfur radical, chloric base compound fertilizer 200 thousand tons, BB is fat 100 thousand tons, organic - inorganic and compound fertilizer 100 thousand tons, strong fertilization 50 thousand tons. The administer below the company joins share company 4 times, built modern legal entity to run a system, compose was built with chemical fertilizer production is given priority to, manage related for complementary multivariate management framework.

Courtyard of farming division of this enterprise and China, Heibei saves modernization of college of agriculture of farming division courtyard, Heibei, Chinese Academy of Sciences what the courtyard of much home scientific research such as the institute established long-term cooperation relationship, the advanced technique direct content is changed, push to the market. Won the high evaluation of social all circles and multinomial honor, have the honor to win consumer of ”“ of “ Heibei well-known trademark to be believed so that cross product ”“ to abide by contract for many times defend credit unit ”“3.15 to prevent bogus system key to protect brand ” to wait for honorary title.

This enterprise pursues sincere letter innovation, quality the first, the user is consummate, the management tenet with reasonable price. The enterprise passes ISO9001: 2000 international quality manages systematic attestation, already applied for to deal with ISO14000 international environment to manage systematic attestation, contemporaneity bound conforms. Advanced manufacturing facilities, the control instrument of automation, detect perfectly method, masterly assay technology, assured the quality stability of the product.

This enterprise still saves fertilizer association with Heibei, fertilizer of earth of each city county stands to develop project of the recipe that measure land jointly, devise a recipe technically, produce recipe fertilizer, provide all-around fertilization technology service.

This enterprise sincerity welcomes our factory of presence of new old friend, negotiate business, investment cooperates, conspire to develop.

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