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In Lu Dahua fat course of study limited company

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The Lu Dahua in Shandong is fat course of study limited company is the development that collect farming turns a product and development promotion service the company of new and high technology at an organic whole. Have a doctor. Master. Graduate student 6. Old technical secondary school gives birth to 16. Worker 360 more than person, have Germany. Russia expert undertakes instructor. Produce per year ability to achieve 300 thousand tons.
The company is located at Chinese fertilizer — Linyi, situation is advantageous, traffic develops, content shedding is expedite. On the west adjacent Beijing Shanghai freeway, na Lin 206 nations line, north relies on large train terminal, it is collect railroad. Highway. Hub a sector of an area of traffic. The management of the scientific research team that the company has Gao Shuiping and acute meaning enterprising is collective, modern manufacturing base, technical force is abundant, manufacturing technology is advanced, quality guarantee system is perfect, sale channel is perfect.
Company development. Production:
Phosphoric acid 2 ammonium. Urea. Potash fertilizer.BB is fat. Compound fertilizer. Organic fertilizer. Develop fertilization series product. The product is sold toward rash. Revive. Book. Anhui. The city of more than 10 provinces such as Xinjiang. Reach the accredit of farmer friend and recognition by broad agency.
Sincere letter. Be as good as one's word. Fat to the Lu Dahua in the client's responsible Shandong course of study limited company is cordial welcome and sincerity of all circles friend cooperate, presence is direct, negotiate business, enter in all hand in hand, achieve in all brilliant.
Limited company of the Lu Dahua in Linyi sincere action each county agent. Welcome to join in!
The Lu Dahua in Shandong is fat the algal Potassium that limited company place produces course of study. Potassium sulfate. The series product such as potassium chloride, according to client demand: From layout. The size that pack, my company can satisfy a client to need to undertake updating designing at any time.

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