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Shandong aid Ning Luer limited company of fertile biology science and technology

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Limited company of fertile biology science and technology established aid Ning Luer 2005. Basically pursue the research and development of plant nutrition technology, production and sale, it is a contemporary agriculture business that is support with new and high technology.

The company is located in the development of new and high technology of the countryside of aperture the first month, the organic fat whitewashing that the company has the technology that precedes at present and advanced manufacturing technology and modernization makes an equipment, have “ green Er fertile ” card fertilizer 3 old series more than 20 breed, year productivity amounts to 100 thousand tons.

The company is with sincere letter this, it is forerunner with science and technology, inspect quality to be life, inspect a client to be sacred business purpose. The product is in and other places of Shandong, Heibei, Anhui, produce cultivates base to use, the effect is distinct, be saved by Shandong agrotechnical terminal is judged extend a product for the key.

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