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Hurried of new and high area spends limited company of king science and technolo

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Hurried of new and high area spends predecessor of limited company of king science and technology south Shaanxi province short for Weihe River is Shaanxi plant protection of new and high Ou Huaibi tastes a factory south province short for Weihe River, it is the high-tech enterprise that hall of province science and technology examines and approve. Be engaged in technically considering " hurried beautiful king 2 " wait for the plant cation active that has high-tech level series product. Scientific research achievement wins multinomial invention patent and national gold prize, the enterprise owns backup force of powerful science and technology and scientific administrative system, have powerful journalist group with expert group. Office of whole journey use automation, electron changes all of computer science department of production, application to manage user record, use QQ long-range language chats, video demonstrates to negotiate with the businessman business, hurried spends Wang Yan to sow hall to be an user freely technology of tuitional and harmonious plant protection. Gathering offers exchange of goods, file, after service, quality management, client to complain enable modernization and electronic technology equipment to run a mechanism quickly in the round, be judged to be " abide by contract keep good faith enterprise " , " sincere letter enterprise " , " the farmer is at ease product " . Be known as our country exploration and the forerunner that try culture of harmonious plant protection.

My company is enlightened " net of science and technology of hurried beautiful king " , the special CD of transcribe, animation advertisement, the editor publishs " information of plant protection technology " the newspaper coordinates unique market sale system, 1 date, hurried spends the hurried beautiful king that makes newest development successful Guo Zhuangdi of Zhuang Diling of fruit of spirit of Zhuangdi of spirit of Zhuangdi of spirit of Zhuangdi of 2 date, cotton, melon and fruit, chili, ground, dish, favor by the user, the person that also make farming ability popularizes various places wins rich and generous get one's own back. To widen quickly the market, develop jointly, expand service group, we welcome each a man of insight to join in, incoming telegram of personage of all circles of hour await respectively or online communication, negotiate, collaboration!

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