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Weihai: City seedlings "eat" hundreds of tons of organic fertilizer fertilizer a

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6 am, garden maintenance workers to the last part of the seedlings Weihai Park long-term organic manure applied. Reporters from the city Bureau of Parks learned that this year the central urban greening seedlings "eat" under the more than 110 tons of organic fertilizer for the biggest this year. This "green manure" will gradually replace chemical fertilizer, a major fertilizer urban greening seedlings. By 2009, the center of the urban greening seedlings mainly fertilizers fertilizer, organic fertilizer only as a supplement to fertilizer. 2009 autumn and winter, the city Bureau of Parks conservation units try to organize the main road downtown park on both sides of cherry trees and seedlings of urban sufficient amount of organic fertilizer applied, when about 50 tons of organic fertilizer, is getting good results, large and beautiful cherry blossoms bloom. This year, Weihai Park seedlings "eat" under 60 tons of organic fertilizer, coupled with happiness Park, Marina Park and other downtown seedlings this year, a total of more than 110 tons of organic fertilizer applied Caesar, but only 40 tons of chemical fertilizer. Manure fertilizer the first time. According to reports, the organic fertilizer is manure, crop residues such as on the fermentation room temperature, and added during fermentation produced an active enzyme, is a green manure can improve soil structure, increase soil fertility . In addition, there are cost advantages of organic fertilizer. Currently, the price of organic fertilizer in the 600 yuan per ton, while the price of fertilizer per ton of 3,000 yuan. In future, the City Bureau of Parks will continue to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers, seedlings become the main center of urban greening fertilizer.
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