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China Liao Tung Chemical bearish fertilizer plant for natural gas

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Hong Kong Time 0916 - Liao Tung Chemical [12.09 -2.81%] (000059) is declining, because of its natural gas supply to fertilizer plants to insufficient parking. The company disclosed on Wednesday, due to inadequate supply of natural gas this winter, the company decided November 10, 2010 to March 25, 2011 under the Liaohe Chemical Fertilizer Plant of ammonia and urea plant shut down for maintenance, and other production equipment running. The parking causing less production of urea plant 24,000 tons per month, according to the current market price of RMB 1,850 yuan urea / ton, 9,000 parking resulting in sales revenue million yuan, as parking fees and the current low load of fertilizer the cost of production is basically the same, so this will not stop the company a significant impact on current profits. First three quarters of this year was 15.306 billion yuan revenue. The stock fell 3.57% Zuoshou, to 12.44 yuan.
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