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The first iron and steel, fertilizer and other information on seven key industri

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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 16, announced the first batch of steel, fertilizers, heavy machinery, cars, paper, textile, meat processing and other information on seven key industries, integration of development and industrialization assessment report has been completed The report shows that China's enterprises, "two" integration as a whole is still dominated by local application of the stage, quite different levels of integration in different sectors. Evaluation report shows that 24.5% of the assessment of business "of" the integration still in its infancy, with a focus on information technology infrastructure. 43% of the assessment of local enterprises in the information covered stage, the single Key business applications have a certain maturity, but the synergistic integration of the basic yet carried out. 22.2% of the assessment of early stage companies in the integrated or the transition to integration, carried out in varying degrees of collaboration between business-critical systems integration . 10.3% of the assessment stage companies in the depth of innovation in the market, innovation, decision support and comprehensive energy conservation and so on with remarkable results. Among them, the steel and auto industry to carry out integration of more general use, re- Type of machinery and textile industry as a whole is in transition from the stage to the integration of local coverage, fertilizer, paper, and meat processing industries in the local coverage of the basic stage. The report also shows that to achieve business integration, fine management and process reengineering is "of" the integration of the important features of leading companies. These enterprises in the individual business applications of information technology on the basis of the depth to achieve the research production, supply, Management and control, business and financial depth of the whole process of convergence and collaboration integration, optimization, or the profound changes in the traditional business processes, management methods and business models for enterprise development has injected new powerful force. Report, to promote cross-business collaboration and cross-sectoral integration of resources is deepening "of" the integration of important initiatives. The cotton textile industry, for example, improve the effects of computer-assisted with the key raw cotton cotton grade review Accuracy of test data. In the U.S., part of the agricultural sector to carry out the acquisition of raw cotton in the rapid detection of grade, combined with bar code technology, the acquisition of raw cotton, circulation, processing by-package management, from the source address From the raw cotton trade flows to the grade of raw cotton production and processing of data accuracy, consistency and authority issues. In China, the cotton textile industry alone to solve this problem internally, there is repeated testing, test data is not system First, the lack of authority, equipment utilized, etc., which directly affects the application of computer-assisted with the promotion of cotton. The evaluation also further confirmed that the applicable maturity of industrial software products and industry solutions are still more the lack of follow-up services to foreign software and non-expensive price most businesses can afford, it has become restricted businesses Important factor in the application of information technology. Report of "two" next step integration of the four main points: First, change the development mode and adjust the industrial structure, will promote the "two" the overall level of integration and increased trade with the preparation of the implementation of "second five "Industry development plan combined with technological innovation, promote enterprise energy conservation pollution reduction, the development of high-end manufacturing and other strategic combination of new industries. The second is to focus on weaknesses in the industry, to promote the" two "integration Carried out, study and solve the problem of cross-sectoral cross-sectoral focus. Third, expand the scope of the assessment and participation in the enterprise sector so that more businesses understand and learn from industry "of" the integration of evaluation. Fourth, give full play to Code Enterprise benchmark effect on the key enterprises "of" the integration of track and analyze the development, provide a reference for policy.
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