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Showed gains in fertilizer prices

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At present, nearly half of autumn and winter crop planting has been completed, fertilizer sales gradually out of the season, but under international and domestic market pull, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer pric es are still single-round quality of living high.

Domestic urea prices higher, Shandong, Henan Province 1850 to 1880 the mainstream offer yuan / ton, high-end already exceeded 1900 yuan / ton, also rose to 1830 in Hebei yuan / ton from top to bottom. DAP market is currently 57% of the wholesale price rose to 2,800 yuan / ton, 64% of the DAP market, the wholesale price rose to 3200 yuan / ton. Potash market, although slightly less than spot transactions, but the port cargo hold steady and have a small business offer signs of compensatory growth, the main port 60% of the white mainstream offer stable at 2850 K to 2900 yuan / ton, potassium fertilizer offer 3,050 yuan / ton, 50 % potassium sulfate powder offer RMB 3200 ~ 3400 yuan / ton.

And phosphate fertilizer prices correspond to sulfur prices are rising, this year in July had dropped to 80 U.S. dollars per ton of sulfur, but sulfur prices rose rapidly, reached 180 U.S. dollars / ton, the domestic sulfur from 700 yuan / ton up 1400 yuan / ton.

The rapid rise in fertilizer prices, the status of the off-season, the industry uneasy. That such rapid increases in all fat types of situation is not a good thing, both easily lead to macro-economic control, and the shelves will cost the fire company, the market's wait and see period re-enter the unrealistically high.

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