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Cease division measures earthy recipe fertilization to let cornfield eat on " nu

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Come day after day, the agrotechnical personnel of cease division city is busy plot that sows fully to had vacated stubble undertakes measuring land, make sure five mus of farmland can achieve recipe fertilization.
At present, cease division city autumn crop closes already basically, the equipment that vacate stubble sows the job of wheaten cropland to enter crucial period, development of personnel of farming ability of cease division city is field edge of a field, delivered the recipe that measure land fertilization proposal check for farmer, directive masses science fertilizes. Check through undertaking sampling to soil, suggested to nutrient gain and loss of Tian Kuai indicates at the same time on card, leave at the same time gave ” of accurate fertilization “ prescription. Because be what to be short of to fill what, changed before the fertilization habit of onefold extensive, masses figure ground says crop land also eats went up ” of “ nutrition eat.
Cease division was labelled to measure area of project of earthy recipe fertilization by the country 2006. Come two years, cease division city is built in every villages and towns 100 mus set an example square, measure around “ , match, produce, for, apply ” to provide service of one continuous line, extend in all fertilization suggests to block many 100 thousand, the technology grooms 10 thousand much person-time, promotion recipe is fat 18 thousand tons, annual age two season recipe fertilizes many mus 100 second, recipe fertilization reduces a farmer to throw many yuan 4000.

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