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Tie of ego of Hubei chemical fertilizer prevents unusual blowdown

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On September 25 morning, the Xu Gong of engineer of environmental protection management of safety of Hubei chemical fertilizer and environmental protection ministry was dealt with for aerification workshop " unusual blowdown licence " , come on stage by near future of Hubei chemical fertilizer " unusual blowdown administers a regulation " undertook the spot is checked.

To strengthen manufacturing unit, environmental protection unit unusual blowdown manages, prevent contamination accident happening, ensure contaminant amounts to mark to discharge, hubei chemical fertilizer came on stage on September 16 " unusual blowdown administers a regulation " . Set a requirement, leave in device, during shutdown, equipment malfunction moves and the operation during breakdown processing is adjusted, retreat makings, blow sweep, rinse wait changed original discharge capacity, discharge chroma, discharge litter of the whereaboutldirection, liquid waste that discharges means, waste gas, solid etc. When if need to undertake is not normal contaminant really,be being discharged, must deal with beforehand " unusual blowdown licence " , undertake time, mensurable, directional “ by the requirement 3 decide ” to discharge. 25 days, in the overhaul of the machine that scoop up broken bits of aerification workshop, can about 150 tons of liquid waste that contain residue are discharged, so, aerification workshop according to new the administrative regulation that come on stage applied for licence to safety and environmental protection ministry, on licence very mentioned expressly clearly blowdown equipment, discharge medium, discharge capacity, platoon to unlock only then time, stopping time, discharge flow and whereaboutldirection, discharge the reason, opinion that prevent to pollute measure and runs ministry, safety and environmental protection department with production. After Xu Gong is checked to the spot, sign affirm. When beginning a platoon, xu Gong examines the demand that whether presses “ plan ” to carry out again again.

The ground is new come on stage " unusual blowdown administers a regulation " , each device is in Hubei chemical fertilizer when plan of work out start working, shutdown, must weave start working, shutdown discharges contaminant to dominate program at the same time, manage the ability after ministry and safety and environmental protection ministry are authorized to be able to be carried out via production. Before formal blowdown, the blowdown control program that presses approval even is dealt with " unusual blowdown licence " . Blowdown of do sth without authorization perhaps is not carried out by the requirement those who discharge, bring into " economic system of job responsibility " assessment, cause contamination accident, by " accident administration responsibility finds out a regulation " , investigate the duty of party. Put to discharging chaos in disorder, hubei fertilizer seed is informed against all right make, to impeach have rendered great service person give award.
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